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Our role is to serve as partners with you in managing your patients endocrine disease states. We do not perform a primary care role and we insist that all patients maintain their relationships with their primary care physicians and other specialists. We serve as a consultative practice but we do provide long term treatment for those with chronic disorders requiring indefinite endocrine care.

Why should I refer my patient to Hayes Endocrine and Diabetes Center?

1. We generally are able to book patients appointments within two weeks of the referral. We realize that most endocrinologists are very busy and new patient appointments make require a 3 to 4-month wait! We have four providers at HEDC thus allowing us to book patients very quickly. We realize that many endocrine disorders are urgent and we pride ourselves on being efficient and getting patients booked as soon as possible.

2. We will send our office notes with labs back to you as soon as they are available. We would like to maintain open communication with our referring providers and keep you abreast of the patient's new medications and ongoing care.

3. We offer free educational classes focusing on meal planning, carbohydrate counting, and general diabetes care.

4. All of our staff is well trained in the needs of the diabetes patient. Whether the patient needs diabetic shoes, a new meter with strips, an insulin pump, or continuous glucose monitoring, we are here to serve and provide the most state of the art technology possible.

5. We offer one-stop shopping. We have the capability to perform thyroid ultrasound-guided biopsies on the patients first visit. We know that many of our patients travel long distances to get to us and that making many trips back and forth is not practical. We like to get as much done in one visit as we can. We have an on-site phlebotomist through Quest diagnostics and routinely obtain appropriate lab testing at the patients visits. 

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