Getting the Most Out of Your Visit


Be prepared for your visit by taking note of the items below:

1. Please notify us of any address, phone number, or insurance changes at your visit.

2. Please give us your pharmacy information including the name, address and phone number at your visit. Please notify us of any changes.

3. Remember to bring a complete list of ALL of your medications and doses to each visit; you may bring the actual bottles themselves.

4. Bring a list of all the medications that require refills; please do not wait until you have run out of your medication before requesting a refill. This is especially important for those taking insulin.

5. Show up on time for your appointment and allow enough time in your schedule for your full visit to be completed.

6. If you do not speak English, please bring an interpreter with you to your visit.

7. Bring any outside medical records to your appointment or make sure that your physician has sent them and that they are in our office prior to your appointment.

8. Please bring your blood sugar meter or blood sugar logs to each visit.

9. If you wear an insulin pump or blood glucose sensor be prepared for us to download your data prior to your visit.

10. If you are new to insulin pumping you will need to allow at least two hours of your time for pump initiation. Pump starts need to be scheduled IN ADVANCE as this activity cannot be performed during a regular office visit.

11. Schedule a carbohydrate counting class with our office at any time. For those starting insulin pumps, this should be done PRIOR to a pump start.

12. Bring a list of all your questions and concerns to each visit. Please make sure to review all these items with your provider during the visit.

13. We kindly ask that you refrain from using your cell phone during your visit and during your blood draw as this detracts from your time in the office.

14. We ask that you refrain from bringing small children to your appointment if at all possible. Attending to small children detracts from the valuable time that you have with your provider.

15. Please give us 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. Having this space in our schedule allows us to see patients with urgent needs.

16. Be prepared to give us your email address if you would like to sign up for our patient portal. This allows us to communicate with you between visits and provide your lab and other results to you.

17. If you have any medical forms to be filled out for your work or other needs, please present the form at your visit and allow us one week for completion. If you need a form filled out between visits, please schedule at an appointment to discuss it.

18. If you would like for us to communicate our results and findings to another physician, please inform us of this at your visit.

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