Financial Policies


Financial Policy

In an effort to avoid delays in the services you receive, please be aware of the policies listed below:

1. Patients are responsible for knowing insurance benefits including co-payments and co-insurance requirements of policies, requirements for referral to a specialist and any benefit exclusions.

2. Insurance company's customer service departments can help answer questions. This number is located on the back of insurance cards.

3. Patients are required to bring a current, valid insurance card to every visit.

4. All co-payments are due before services are rendered.

5. We accept cash, checks, Mastercard, American Express and Visa

6. Please note that there will be a $75 service charge for all returned checks.

7. Patients who have unmet deductibles that apply to office visits will be responsible for the cost of the visit at the time of service.

8. Patients having insurance that requires a referral should either present the referral at the time of the visit or confirm that we have received the referral prior to the visit. If your referral is not on file at the time of the visit, we may ask that patients reschedule.

9. Patients seen without a valid referral will be responsible for the balance due

10. HEDC may discontinue care due to non-payment

11. Patients without health insurance may receive care at a rate of a 50% discount of customary charges.

12. Patient's accounts that remain unpaid may be turned over to outside collection agencies. In addition to monies owed, the patient will also be responsible for court costs or attorney's fees incurred by the collection agency.

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